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To redefine education as a journey to become the version of you

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At NexGen we are passionate about providing an outstanding service to our students. We clearly understand the NSW education syllabus and seamlessly integrate these requirements to the classroom environment. We believe in having a wholistic development and really understand the big picture when it comes to good education. We specialise in NAPLAN, Selective School and HSC preparation. However, we are able to cater for all students Kindergarten to 12.

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Our Testimonials
  • Ms.Anjali is a wonderful teacher. Not only does she have in depth knowledge about the academic curriculum, but also has an affable nature because of which kids find her extremely approachable to discuss their area of weakness. She lets the kid’s progress at their own pace, while continuously motivating them to do better.
    Arriba (Ayra's Mother), Year 4
  • Vanita (Ananya's mum), Year 10
    Ananya has gained a lot of confidence after tutoring with Anjali for a year now. She was struggling with her English and finding it hard to write essays. However, after just 1 semester she received feedback from her teacher that her writing was more clear and concise. Since then she has been able to continuously improve her written skills and done a full refresher on the English syllabus with Anjali to give her a holistic learning experience.
    Vanita (Ananya's mum), Year 10
  • If studying is difficult and confusing Anjali gives positive feedback in her teaching. You will have no problems in studying something if you learn from Anjali
    Akshat, year 4
  • I think having a tutor is a good thing to have because you get extra help in studies. For example I had a big test to do and I was no that good with English writing but with the help of Anjali, I got to see the structure and how it’s written. This helped me to get a better grade in 2 semesters
    Aryan, year 6